Complete and
Unique Solutions

Excellent services and high quality works

METALSTYLE is addressed to you, who you recognize
the quality and constantly look for it, in all your constructions

Modern equipment
and high trained personnel

Our long-standing experience in combination with our modern equipment
and our highly trained staff, consists a guarantee for the excellent level
of the services we offer in every project

Special Constructions

Indoor and outdoor constructions on board cruiser ships,
passenger ships, cargo ships, navy ships,
yachts as well as in oil rigs

METALSTYLE was founded by a team of technicians with long experience and know-how
in the shaping of Inox, Steel, Bronze and Aluminum as well as  
Fire-Resisting and Waterproof Certified products.
The continuous updating and strictly qualitative approach in the development
of technologies pertaining to the study, designing and manufacturing
of indoor and outdoor ships’ areas, both in Greece and abroad,
provided us with the ability to present aesthetically complete,
qualitative and inexpensive solutions for every demand.

Attention to Detail

We give the attention to the detail for any kind of our works,
in any level of the work process